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Meet The Chef

About Chef T. White

I started my Chef T. White brand in 2018 right before I enrolled in The Art Institute of Houston in their Culinary Arts Program. I wanted to connect with clients before I even started school, so I started out with very few customers and build my brand from there. Through the knowledge I gained from college and work experience in fine-dining restaurants is the forefront of how my business is ran and operated. We call it the Chef T. White experience because not only do I want to create tasty and delicious meals but also connect with clients from all over and leave a lasting impression.


I value and believe in building bonds and creating a great reputation for my business however you may encounter it. I truly believe in food bringing people together that’s why every great event MUST HAVE a bomb ass menu. Expect professional from the very start to the end of communications. The blessings and curses of 2020, lead to me fully relying on my side hustle to become my main hustle and I haven’t looked back since I truly love what I do.

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